What is a “Multifaceter”!?

If you were to research, “how do I start a blog”, most all of them say with resounding certainty that you ‘must pick a niche’ and ‘your name and everything you do on there should reflect that niche’.  I get it; I really do… and, honestly, I tried it, but I. GOT. BORED.  I have tried 2 or 3 blogs where I focused on 1 area of my life that I had interest in, and honestly, I stopped writing on it because I was tired of writing about the same topic.  It quickly lost its *spark* for me, and the more and more I logged on to write about whatever thing I was trying that year, the more and more I was like


until finally I’d just stop altogether.

But, I knew I wanted to Blog, and I knew I could Blog, so it was incredibly frustrating that with each attempt I made, it never failed that I would get bored.  Seriously, every time I tried to focus on 1 thing I never failed to


within a matter of months if not weeks.

This past year, I engaged in a program through my employer (school district) where we really looked at our leadership styles and the type of people and thinkers we were, and I learned quite a bit about myself throughout the process.  It really was quite eye-opening.

So, when summer rolled around, and I began my inevitable ‘let’s start a blog thing’ again, I knew that it would have to be different.   I decided to apply the things I learned about myself in leadership academy to ‘why I cannot keep up with blogging on a topic’, and it really all boiled down to this-

I have A LOT of hobbies which attests to the fact that I get bored working on the same thing over and over again.

Unfortunately, this also means I have a lot of unfinished products, but on the plus, I finally realized what my blogging problem was- I was hung up on the whole ‘pick your 1 niche and stick with it or else it won’t work’ thing.  Well, I don’t want to, and I’ve always been a person who likes to take what someone says I can’t and shouldn’t do and prove them wrong.


Actual photo of me when you tell me something is 'impossible' or 'can't be done'


I began looking at what would keep me blogging, and I realized it couldn’t just focus on 1 thing because I am so eclectic in the things I love- I don’t care what everyone says on the Google, it’s not always just about 1 niche.

My hobbies and interests are multifaceted, and I began looking at my blog that way.  In my downtime, I could be doing any number of things: sewing and crafting, baking or cooking, reading, playing video games, watching TV or movies, planning my future business venture, etc…, so why not begin focusing and sharing all of those things. That’s who I am, and it’s part of why I am able to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Thus the birth of “The Multifaceter”.  Sure, I made that word up, but that’s the idea- why focus on 1 thing when there are tons of things that make up all of us.

So, while perusing my page, I truly hope there is something for you; I hope you and I are able to connect on 1 or many of our hobbies and interests.  If not, that’s alright- hop over to the Food Stuffs page and snag yourself a free recipe or 2 because who doesn’t love food stuffs?

I know there are other Multifaceters like me out there- I look forward to meeting you all.


-The MF

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