How does one “Get Lit!”?

It’s not just the teacher in me that believes reading is important; I’ve been a reader ever since I could open a book. I literally can read a book in a matter of hours if it interests me enough.


My book love tattoo.  I told you- I love books and reading.

Reading a book is probably one of the most rewarding experiences a person can go through- you can learn so much from words of a well-written novel.  Unfortunately, many people never learn this because they stubbornly refuse to even try.

Now, I work with teenagers, and they are some of the hardest bunch to convert to readers, except my Book Club kids (cause yes, I sponsor the high school’s book club), but it can be done even if they’ve never touched a book their entire lives.  So, I’m optimistic that some of you out there could easily become readers if you found the right material.

The key is focusing on your interests and finding material at your level- you don’t have to  be able to read Dickens to be a reader (trust me, I hate his work).  It’s great and all if you love a story (maybe you saw the movie), but you won’t get into it if it’s too hard to read- and let’s face it, people these days have a much lower reading level than they did years ago.

So, as I do with my family, my coworkers, and my students, I’m going to push books here as well because READING. IS. IMPORTANT.

I can’t stress that enough.

I look forward to sharing books that not just I, but my students, family, and friends have all enjoyed as well. If you’re a parent with a non-reader, a teacher with a classroom full of struggling readers, or just a reader looking for new things maybe you can get something out of these posts.

Getting Lit is about finding books you love, and then enjoying them with other people.  It’s about spreading a love of reading because even though people tell you, “I hate reading” what they’re really saying is, “I haven’t found the right thing to read yet”.

So, let’s start:

What is something you have enjoyed reading in the past?

I’ll start (so hard to pick just one!):

red rising.jpg

Red Rising by Pierce Brown


-The MF

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