What’s happening in the Kids Corner?

Now, I could have spelled “Corner” with a “K” for the whole cuteness factor, but the alliteration is already there, so I find it wholly unnecessary… and my daughter would probably tell me that’s not how you spell it anyways…


As for the star of this category-

She is quite the active individual which, in turn, makes me an active individual.  We are currently participants in 3 activities (which would be 4 or 5 if I would let her): Dance, Soccer, Girl Scouts (in order of participation longevity).  We did Gymnastics for a time, but that got boring, so we dropped it.  Right now, she’s pushing to also do Martial Arts WHICH WE WOULD LOVE, but we cannot fit that in the schedule.  We told her she’d have to give up something, and she’s just not willing to do that, so we are consistently enrolled in the above 3.  Now, I was ‘just a parent’ for all of these at first, and then, like the crazy person I am, I slowly stepped into roles when it was needed, so now, I am the Assistant Coach of my daughter’s soccer team and the Co-Troop Leader/Cookie Manager of her GS Troop.  Thank goodness I have no dance skills because I don’t think I could handle stepping up into ANOTHER role.

Aside from all of that, my girl is also a creator, builder, artist, writer extraordinaire whose favorite Christmas/Birthday/Anytime present she has ever received was a cardboard box full of crafting supplies (so much for those American Girl dolls she wanted…)- now she gets one every occasion she gets a present; aren’t grandparents the coolest?

So, given all the information above, I think you know what might be happening at Kids Corner by now-

Literally talking about any of the above.

The Office 3.gif

Maybe we had a cool craft day, and it’s something easy and wonderful that you could do with your kids- maybe it’s a paper lion costume for the dog, maybe it’s a giraffe costume for the kid, maybe it’s friendship bracelets to force your kids to get along, who knows!  Aside from Kids Crafts (no “K” needed), maybe you need some ideas for your soccer team or GS Troop- I got you.

Kids Corner is basically a place where you can find things for your kids- whatever that may be. As long as it’s kid-friendly, it could pop-up here!

And no, it won’t be all girly stuff because right now, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh reign supreme with my daughter.

And, in case you need to pass a Pokemon quiz like my whole family,

There are 9 forms of Eevee– 8 evolve options from the 1 Eevee.


You’re welcome.

-The MF

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