What are “Stitchin’ Creations”?

It’s a bit of a lie because I dabble in more than just the stitching arts…..  I’ve also been known to make jewelry and other non-stitching art.  But, for the sake of fun names, I’m just wrapping it all up under here.

I grew up in a family of quilters and craft-wizards. The general nature of this hobby is probably why I’m so multifaceted in the first place.  I mean, within “Sewing/Crafts”, you literally cover a plethora of areas, but my focus will mainly be on the needle arts with the occasional jewelry piece thrown in there.

The Needle Arts


I started cross-stitching when I was 8, and it’s still something I do today to alleviate stress.


My first cross-stitching project.  I have a thing for frogs.

Like everything, you start out simple, and yes, that first project (above) was simple because the colors were printed on the Aida fabric- I just had to match colors.  It’s when you do the counted cross-stitch that things start to get really hard and time-consuming.  I also have a bit of an issue with how some threads are packaged and labeled in the cross-stitch sets… I mean, when I have 5 shades of green, I’m going to need you to clearly indicate which one is the “Forest Green” and which is “Dark Green”…

I wish I knew how to better design cross-stitch patterns.  I have a program that I play with from time to time that lets you design your own, but everything I make looks weird to me.  I haven’t quite figured out how to make them look like actual images and not a 3-year-old’s coloring page.  For now, I’ll just continue buying patterns on Etsy and having fun making them.


Quilt-making is a generational bridge for many- with a quilt, you can get my grandma, mom, me, and my daughter all in the same room working together to create a masterpiece.

Growing up, I couldn’t ever remember a time when my mom wasn’t working on some quilt or fabric project.  I could always find her in her little sewing closet working on something (literally, it was a closet my dad converted with a tiny built in desk for her).  I love walking into her quilting studio now (HUGE ROOM!) remembering what it was like knocking on her closet door as a girl and trying so so so hard to fit in there and watch her work- now, I can literally do cartwheels in her room while she works except I can’t because she puts me to work when I’m there.  She and my grandma both actually have quilting/craft businesses (not together), and my mom has recently roped me into working with her now that she has a big fancy quilting machine- it’s seriously fancy.  I have always loved that I am able to make quilts, especially baby quilt sets, and now, I’m able to do it with my mother which makes it even better.


My specialty comes in baby quilts and creative embroidery design- the embroidery on my baby quilts is like none other, you’ll see!

In addition to quilts, I also make fabric bookmarks, hooded towels for kids (with custom embroidery), pillows, simple purses, doll and human skirts/strapless dresses (they’re the easiest- sewing clothes is hard!), and my mom has her own plethora of additional knick-knacks she likes to make.

Aside from my book addiction, this is probably my most expensive hobby, and the one that takes up the most space (again, aside from my book addiction).  But, I can’t help but love it- it is calming for the soul… until the thread breaks or the machine malfunctions…

Not everyone is capable of making Stitchin’ Creations, or sometimes we lack the creativity to move forward.  Whatever it is, I hope this is place for you to share and gain ideas about projects you want to tackle in the future!


-The MF

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