Everyone has a First Quilt

When I went away to college, I didn’t exactly have time or space to indulge in my quilting habit, so it wasn’t until I moved back home, got my daughter out of diapers, and really got a handle on my job that I was able to really get into quilting.

My daughter was playing her 1st soccer season, and I was still just a parent sitting on the frigid sidelines in November (aaahh, the glory days).  So, for my first project, I decided to make a quilt to take to the games.  Unfortunately, for me, all of the girls thought it was super cute, and they wanted it for sitting on the bench huddled together… how could I say no?

Here’s my first little beauty


Now, I recognize that there are lines and edges that are not exactly perfect, and it definitely wasn’t a perfect rectangle, but I was actually quite impressed for my first go-around at an actual quilt.  I had done purses and little doll quilts, but nothing as big as this.  I think now that I have better tools and more space (thanks mom!), I could probably recreate it without all the flaws.

But, whenever I look at it and other handmade quilts my mom, grandma, or someone has made, I realize I kind of like the little flaws- they remind me that it was handcrafted just for me or by me, and nothing else will be quite like it.  My mom made me a quilt growing up, and there’s a whole square she showed in upside down on accident- at first look, you can’t really tell, but under scrutiny, you can spot it; but, it doesn’t matter- I love it just the same if not more.

Even if I did the exact same pattern with the exact same fabric and the exact same quilting pattern, it still would be one-of-a-kind, and that’s what I like most about handmade quilts.

Since the soccer quilt, I’ve made a couple of baby quilts and a queen-sized quilt that still needs to be finished for one of my best friends- we didn’t have the big fancy quilter until recently, so now, I can get it done.  My mom is more of the aficionado, but you gotta start somewhere, right!?.

Sometimes, I’ll kill time by just laying pieces together and seeing how they’d all work as a quilt- that’s how my Disney quilt got started, but also how I ran into a roadblock on how to put all the pieces together without making it look like a big old mess which is still a work in progress.

Quilting is just fun- you get to play with colors and patterns that you never thought would go together, but somehow, on a quilt, they just work.

However, sometimes, coming up against this:


(Remember, have to start somewhere)

can be a serious deterrent to my quiltmaking.

I like to think it’s organized, and it kind of is… or was… clearly, space has become an issue, and my fabric rack has lost its sense.

One day, I’ll be living my mom’s dream, but for now, I’ll have to clean this up one of these days, so it’ll stop giving me a headache every time I look at it, and I’ll start to be a little more productive…

-The MF

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