Unplugging for our Anniversary

This weekend my husband and I are getting a vacation that is seriously LONG OVERDUE.

The busyness of the school year and everything we got going on really puts a damper on finding quality alone time because when we actually get it, we’re so incredibly worn out that we just sleep.  This is the joys of having a school-aged child.

So, we decided that for our 2nd anniversary that we were just going to UNPLUG and retreat to the peaceful seclusion of a cabin for the weekend.  I am so excited- it’s borderline ridiculous.  We got my Father-in-Law’s kayak (my husband has one too), and we’re going to spend Saturday kayaking on Lake Hamilton in Hot Spring, AK.  At first, my husband thought I was being tortured into this, but I am genuinely excited about kayaking on the lake and just really hanging out with him with no real distractions.  We’re tempted to go check out the actual Hot Springs if we’re not too tired, and there’s a local magician that’s supposed to be decent- although, our friend that lives there kind of laughed when we mentioned it, so we’re a little bit skeptical…

Who knows…

we might just end up hanging out in the cabin the whole time (aside from kayaking time) and just enjoy not having to do anything.

Either way, I’m super excited to get this alone time with my man before we embark on the terrors of the next school year and IVF.

So, it is with that that I bid you adieu for the next 4 days as we unplug from the world for our 2nd anniversary!

-The MF

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