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What it looks like when you can't choose just one thing you enjoy

Fun Facts

  • I am a born and raised Texan- specifically the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex. I never rode a horse to school, but Dr. Pepper, Ranch, and Whataburger are my life-blood.
  • Before I decided to be a teacher, I first wanted to be a dinosaur, and then a lawyer.  Still holding out hopes that one day the former will come true…
  • My first car was a 1989 Nissan Maxima, proudly named Maximus, who sported a gold bumper and various parts (headlight and windows) duct-taped on with aluminum duct-tape.  He was my first true love.
  • If I had any hidden talents, it’d be getting things done without people actually realizing I’m doing them.  No one realized I had a kid, got a Masters, became a certified principal, or started this blog until after they happened.  I live by the whole “never let anyone know your next move” mantra, so who knows what I’ll surprise you with next!
  • If I had to pick 1 thing I’m most proud of, it would be getting my Masters Degree- I did it completely on my own- paid for it and everything- and I worked my butt off to do it.  The most exhausting 2 years of my life, and I have an 8-year-old…
  • There is an entire drawer of my desk dedicated to candy and other sweet and/or salty food stuffs.  I love sweet things- it’s why I’m a little fluffy.
  • I have been a die-hard hockey- Dallas Stars- fan since I was single-digits old.  I was up, and cried, when they won Lord Stanley’s Cup (*tearing up just thinking about*).  They are my team, and I have loved and hated them over the years- if you’re a true Stars fan, you know what I mean. I even converted my husband into Stars fandom- it was a non-negotiable term of the relationship.
  • My furbabies are basically my whole world, especially my dog.  I rescued him from Parvo back when I was a poor college student, and now he is 11 and the sweetest old man dog in the whole world- his eventual passing will not be handled well by me (ever seen Brooklyn 99? Think Boyle when his dog died).  I also have a knack for taking in the cats of my friends… sigh… so, we have 3 cats- 1 is mine, 2 are from friends (my daughter has basically adopted 1 of them)- my husband has affectionately calls them: fat cat, trash cat, and dickback.


You be the judge... but ain't he cute!? heart eyes.png
  • My biggest guilty pleasure is watching some TV shows that I really enjoy, but that are probably not exactly for my age range.  I have to watch them over the summer when my husband is at work and my daughter is at camp mainly because they can be kind of cheezy, and I feel seriously judged when I watch them… but I can’t help it, I love them… especially when they’re based off of books I love…. looking at you Shadowhunters (Books: The Mortal Instruments)…
  • If you ask people who knew me in high school, or even college, “B&*$%” would probably be the best way to describe me, and honestly, sometimes my students agree with them.  Frankly, I agree too, but I like to think of myself as one of the “fun ones”… people just don’t like that I don’t put up with their crap and am generally very sarcastic- sass should have been my middle name, alas my parents had better sense.
  • Shout-out to my best friend, life partner, and my daughter’s Guncle/Godfather, D, who I met in college and is the only person I’d get a matching tattoo with (true story- we did!).  He delivered my daughter into this world, he was my Man-of-Honor in my wedding, and we’ve lived through countless other adventures together.  Even though he lives approx. 1,199 miles away (yea, we’re linked on Google Locations), when we’re together it’s like we’ve never been apart.
  • Top 3 items on my Bucket List: Visit Europe- specifically Holocaust History tour, Take my daughter to China- it is literally her favorite country, and attend a Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Finals Hockey Game- it’d be even better if it was the game for them winning the Cup!
  • When I’m not matriarching the mess out of my family, I can be found doing these things:


And sometimes… I nerd hard…


-The MF

(you see what I did there smile emoji.jpg)